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Location : New Jersey
Joindate : Jan-23, 2009
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Firstly, Hello and thank you for reading. As you can probably tell by my photo i am a paraplegic. While i can't say that it is the least of my worries, it is definitely not the only one. For the most part though it's the basis for most of my troubles. It would take all day for me to explain fully everything i go through but my reason for this message should only take a second. It has been very difficult for me to find employment where i live now and for that reason I've found various ways of making money from home. Most of which earned me nothing but disappointment. I did have success in one field though. I would purchase electronics from a wholesale site (, Then i would resale the item via ebay and craigslist. I was doing well until I had a few back to back expenses mostly medical supply and maintenance of my wheelchair. My problem is that i don't have the money to purchase a new wholesale lot to continue my business which would eventually move me back to my hometown and out of my sisters house. The cost of one of these wholesale lots is usually between $800-$1500. I would gladly repay and help i were to receive in helping me to get back on the track that would probably lead me to living as normal a life as possible giving my situation. Thank you again for reading and have a pleasant day.


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