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Giving to an eAlms member is easy!
Step 1 - Click on the "Give Now" button in a listing
Step 2 - You can then choose to donate anonymously, or if you want to record your donation, login if you're a member, or sign up to become one. It's easy, fast and free to join.
Step 3 - Enter your donation. Donations are processed securely through PayPal so you can donate with your PayPal account, credit cards, or checking account.
Step 4 - Feel good that you've just helped someone in need.


Welcome to eAlms. 


What is is the first Person-to-Person (P2P) charity network.  Anyone who has a need can post a listing on  Other members can then make donations.

Who can receive charity?
Anyone who genuinely needs charity can post a listing.  Have an unexpected medical bill?  Are you a student unable to pay for your books this semester?  Did you lose your job and your child needs new shoes?  Whatever your need, someone can help.

Who can donate?
Anyone can!  There are two ways to give on as a registered member of anonymously.  You can give as much or as little as you can.  eAlms aggregates donations from multiple members.

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